NEW CITY - Friends of the New City woman who attempted to murder her daughter before killing herself have disclosed possible insight into what prompted her actions.

According to police, 45-year-old Dr. Victoria Vovchik, a podiatrist, stabbed her daughter, Ava Sangavaram, in their home on Quarry Drive yesterday. Clarkstown police say the girl's father, Dr. Kristappa Sangavaram, discovered the bloody scene and called 911 after being notified by a nurse at Woodglen Elementary School that his daughter was not in class.

When officers arrived, they found both mother and daughter in the master bedroom. According to police, Vovchik was dead and the girl was conscious, but suffering from multiple stab wounds. Her throat had also been slashed.

However, family friends told Newsday Westchester that Sangavaram, who was never married to Vovchik, had recently lost his wife and refused to marry Vovchik despite her advances. This, they say, may have caused her to snap. 

It is still unclear whether Vovchik's psychiatric history had an impact of her decision.

Meanwhile, once Ava is healthy enough, authorities say they plan on questioning her to possibly determine a motive in the attack.