TARRYTOWN - Residents who live near the Tappan Zee Bridge are outraged that they may be taxed on a state grant that was supposed to help them reduce noise from the bridge construction.

Alice Goldberg, of Tarrytown, says she installed new doors at her condo to help keep out the noise from the construction. Goldberg, believing the grant was a gift from the state, ordered her new doors, but now she may have to pay taxes on it. The grants amounted to up to $30,000 per home.

Other people living nearby are angry, saying they are already being inconvenienced with the construction and having to pay taxes on something that is supposed to help them is unfair.

State officials say the money could be taxable, but it is up to the IRS to decide who will and will not be taxed. They tell News 12 they are working with the IRS and the state's Department of Finances to find a solution so no one is liable to pay any taxes.