PORT JERVIS - An Orange County man who killed his girlfriend in 2013 was sentenced today.

David Stevenson was sentenced to 50 years to life behind bars after he was found guilty last month for bludgeoning and butchering his girlfriend, Tyrochelle Haughton.

The mother of four was killed in the home they shared, which was subsequently set on fire by Stevenson.

The victim's sister spoke out in court before the sentencing vocalizing her hate toward Stevenson.

"It's not fair that Mr. Stevenson is allowed to breathe and my sister can not. I loved David Stevenson as a brother-in-law but, I feel hate toward him for the day he chose to take the life of a mother and sister," says Deiodta Haughton.

All four of Haughton's children are now living with their aunt, including a child that Stevenson fathered.

Stevenson's attorney expressed his condolences to the victim's family, but said he is considering filing an appeal.