NEW CASTLE - The possibility of affordable housing in one of Westchester's most affluent communities has hit a snag.

Conifer Realty wants to construct a 28-unit affordable housing apartment building in Chappaqua.

However, officials contend that squeezing the building into the one-third of an acre site creates a fire hazard. Town officials say they would welcome affordable housing in another location, something Conifer contends would be too time consuming and expensive.

Conifer contends the opposition may be discriminatory, and is asking the Department of Housing and Urban development to investigate. Conifer's attorney also claims that concerns about fire safety are groundless.

A State Board of Review is giving both sides 10 days to review all of the material and submit additional comments.  After that, another meeting will be held, where a decision is expected to be made.

If built, the project would count toward the 750 units of affordable housing which the county must provide, under a federal court order.